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Dunedin Transmission has been family owned and opperated since 1979, and has been the preferred destination in the area for anyone who wants their cars to run and perform well for the entire time that they own it. We provide a friendly destination for regular maintenance, auto repair, consultation, and transmission service and repair. 


If you notice your car not behaving as normal we will perform a free diagnositc and road test, and explain to the fullest extent the nature of the issue to give you peace of mind and honest consultation.


​Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


Night Drop Available




778 Main St.

Dunedin, FL 34698


Mission Statement


We know that when vehicles break down it can bring you to a stop. You're not only unable to get where you need to be, but the cost of auto repairs can cause stress for everyone.


At Dunedin Transmission we pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience for our clients every time they come to our shop. We will always provide a clear, full, and honest diagnosis of any problem that occurs to your vehicle and give you multiple options so that you the client can make an educated decision that you can feel confident in.


We always provide a full and professional repair to keep your car running great the first time. Clients can expect to recieve prompt, courteos, and accurate service on a consistent basis.  


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