We are Dunedin's premier transmission specialists, providing quality transmission repairs and services since 1979. 

We provide regular transmission flush services that should be performed, on average, every 2 years or 30,000 miles, and repair transmissions should any mechanical or electrical problems occur. 


If your vehicle is showing any of the following symptoms we encourage you to come get a free diagnosis, road test, and estimate from one of our trained technicians. 


Check Engine Light

The first and most obvious sign that your vehicle is having a problem is the check engine or check transmission lights on your dashboard. Check engine lights are to warn drivers of possible problems with the vehicle before serious damage occurs. Should one of those lights activate, bring it to Dunedin Transmission and we will conduct a diagnostic scan, road test, and estimate free of charge.


Leaking/Low Fluid

Motor oil and transmission fluid can leak from a variety of places depending on your vehicle. If you notice oil or fluid puddled where your vehicle is parked, bring it in for a visual inspection by our trained technicians free of charge.


Grinding or Shaking


If your vehicle vibrates noticibly at a stop, shakes while accelorating, makes grinding noises, or has an overall rough ride it could be a mechanical issue in your transmission. It is best to get those problems resolved as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your transmission.


Dragging Clutch

Slipping, dragging, stuttering, or surging into gear makes your ride very uncomfortable and can also cause damage to your transmission or engine over time. If your car doesn't drive as normal, come into Dunedin Transmission for a visual inspection.


Lack of Response



Pressing down on the accelorator and getting a delayed response, or no response at all could be a mechanical transmission problem. It could also lead to unsafe driving conditions. If you notice this symptom, bring your vehicle in for a road test with one of our trained technicians.